Rats EP

by The Spinning Game

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Thank you: Dan, Paul, Michelle, Justin, Lois, Adina, Ryan, Kim, Julie, Christen, Gavin, Shannan, Anna, Natasha, James, Chris, Jennifer, Robert, Danny, all of your families, Amber, brother -in -law Justin, Sophie, mom, dad, The Show and Tells, The social Oddities, Beard Party, Revenge Of The Reviewers, The Champ, LPYC, Nicotine, Zoloft, Lamictal, and everyone else that I can’t remember.


released February 14, 2011

Produced and Mixed by Daniel Anderson
Mastered by Matthew Lester
All lyrics/Songs written by Matthew Lester
Daniel Anderson: Slide guitar on track three, Electric Guitar on track five, Piano on track three and five, claps on track four.
Justin Lutz: Claps on track four
Matthew Lester: everything else




The Spinning Game Humble, Texas

The Spinning Game is the primary music project of the multi-instrumentalist, producer, and prolific songwriter Matthew Lester. The Spinning Game was started as Matt starting writing and recording which was when he was 11 and he hasn’t stopped writing the best songs he can possible ever since. ... more


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Track Name: Stranded
I can’t sleep for the life of me and there’s no more sheep
after infinity so I blow smoke rings off of my balcony I’m just
waving my arms on an empty beach.
Track Name: Pixie Dust
I woke up waiting for someone to pinch me you were so sweet and so cool I got a brain freeze we’re just a couple of kids in our late teens and yeah I know other girls your still my main squeeze. I scraped my knees and broke my arms, laid here alone inside the dark you sprinkled me with pixie dust I floated up and kissed the stars. I woke up late but I slept ever later in pools of sweat too close to the equator I talked to you for almost five hours we fell asleep when our houses lost power. I’ve got no better way to say it.
Track Name: Rats
I spent a pretty penny on cigarette talks and phone calls four hours long. With coal dust in my lungs I go back to sleep when I see the sun. but I wake up with a rotten core with nails in my throat and my muscles sore but I only do it because I’m bored I reach for the pack and die just a little bit more. I wasted time on my dreams. Sitting in class sticking gum under the seat. It blew away with a breeze an earthquake formed from butterflies’ wings. I’m just another sewer rat looking for gold in another man’s trash. I haven’t found nothin’ yet I just chew my cheese while my spine snaps.
Track Name: Sad and Seventeen
Brown filtered seeds growing cigarette trees I threw a thousand pennies down a well and now my pockets are empty. All of my friends know who they will be but on the four lane highway of my fate I ran out of gasoline. Oh sad and seventeen keep scratching until you bleed. I see my face on the magazines then I open my eyes only to see, that life was all a dream. All of my friends know who I could be but on the four lane highway of my fame there’s a roadblock in the street.
Track Name: Finish Line
She’s in the bed asleep the moonlight poured on her cheek through the cracks in the window screen. I am a lucky man I kneel and clasp both of my hands and the routine don’t get bland. If the sky goes black tomorrow I hope that you don’t cause your light guides me home. She is a part of me my blood and my family. The peach fell from the tree. An angel with missing wings walking on babies’ feet. My name wrote on the beach. If the sky goes black tomorrow I hope that you know that I’ll keep you from cold.
Taking all the hits at the end of the fight and I’m walking on coals at the finish line but I’ve come this far so I stay a night and I meet the girl that will change my life